I read the coolest story in a long time. Here is the link:

The story of Daniel Hughes, the core head behind radix, a DLT blockchain platform able to scale with the highest throughput, where (opposite to Bitcoin ot Ethereum) increasing the number of nodes improves the performance using a lightweight Byzantine Consensus, sharding the adress space, parallelizing unrelated transactions and protecting against Sybil by means of PoS.

It goes like an isolated engineer spent 6 years working 16 hours a day 7 days a week on the prototype for a new blockchain platform.

The article describes how he would just live for the project in an energetic flow of inspiration powering the design and the code.

I cheer up for him because I found someone that has done what I am doing right now, this is my 4th year of isolation building Plebble, my take on blockchain platforms.

The design of Daniel Hughes is so close to mine that I think they come from the same kind of inspirational flow towards a vision.

We both are sons of satoshi. : )

Thanks for reading. Marcos